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"Joe was the kind of friend you could count on - he knew the score, and you knew that he would always be straight with you. As I read this frank, touching book, I was astonished to learn that Joe was in and out of foster homes and various institutions from the time he was seven until his eighteenth birthday. That experience - that range of experience - must have played a big part in his solitude, and in his worldliness.
...I hope you'll find this book by my friend Joe Jacoby as rewarding as I did."

From the Introduction by MARTIN SCORSESE

A GOOD BOOK"Jacoby combines a compelling narrative of parental abandonment with a vivid account of his experiences as an independent filmmaker in New York in the 1960s and '70s - a uniquely 20th century story recalling the glory days of exploitation on Forty-second Street and the struggles of maverick in a dying Hollywood studio system."

RON MAGLIOZZI, Assistant Curator,
Research and Collections Department of Film and Media,
Museum of Modern Art



Library Journal

A GOOD BOOKScreenwriter, producer, and director Jacoby presents an engrossing, offbeat memoir. Jacoby vividly describes his imaginary play with puppets and a make-believe television studio he fashioned out of clay. This love of fantasy led him to New York University to study filmmaking (Martin Scorsese was a classmate). At 27, Jacoby made his first theatrical feature, which was initiated into the Museum of Modern Art's archives...the book is Jacoby's heartfelt account of his lonely childhood and how his imagination led him out into the world of film and television. Book clubs will no doubt bite as will patrons in larger public libraries.

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